A Few Things You Should Know About Me.....

I help people in central Bucks County buy or sell what is usually their largest single asset - their home. I am part marketing guru, negotiator, psychologist, stager, comedian, cajoler, advocate and general hand holder, and am a bit of a bear when it comes to protecting my clients best interests. I am also a snazzy dresser and have what some would say is an excessive fondness for costume jewelry and shoes. I've been helping people buy and sell homes for a long time - not only am I very good at it, I have a good time doing it, and so do my clients. I'm a straight talker who takes my position as advisor very seriously. If you’re looking for someone who will tell you what you want to hear, keep looking -I’m probably not your gal….

This is where most agents would brag about their sales volume, the letters behind their name and the clubs there in. I find most folks don’t give a hoot about that stuff—all they want to know is whether or not you’re worthy enough to trust with their largest single asset—their home. So let me tell you what’s important to me, what I believe to be true, and how I conduct my business…

A home is much more than the sum of it’s parts—I’ll do my best not to forget that.
The best interests of my clients come first—period.

My reputation is hard won and one of my biggest assets—I won’t jeopardize it.

I am confident enough of my abilities to guarantee them.

I’m hired for my objectivity and expertise, and take my role of advisor very seriously. I promise to tell you what I believe to be true, even when you don’t want to hear it.

I love to laugh and think your real estate experience should be a pleasurable one— I’ll do my best to see that your transition is as stress free and possible.

No “DEAL” is worth a loss of integrity.

When all is said and done, I want my clients to RAVE about me, in hopes that they’ll refer me business.

What Lynne's Clients Have to Say...